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May 8, 2018


Of the many unanswered questions in life, there are a few things we know for sure:


1. People now get most of their information online, and

2. The internet is big, crowded and intricate.


Got it!


There are a million ways to get your message out there, so we looked at the question(s) - how can we work with brands to find their unique voice and have it heard? Really heard? How can we help brands build their audience and become influencers in their market?


The answer? Comedy. And we don't mean "funny posts" or "funny content" (though we do that, too). We hesitate to use the phrase "comedy industry", let's call it the "comedy community", because that's what it is. A community of busy, passionate and influential people - yet no one is connecting brands to this community in any real way. These guys work tirelessly and have incredibly passionate and engaged followings.


Their influence and ability to help your brand connect is two-fold; not only are they very active online, they also perform and tour - reaching your potential new customer face-to-face each time they're on stage.


Whether it's the comedians themselves, shows, tours, venues or produced content (be it digital, TV or film) or a combination of these, the ability for your brand to be seen by thousands, tens-of-thousands, hundreds-of-thousands, millions of people is now here and the audience is less weary and more open to brand-placement.


And Comedia Inc's dedicated team is here to help navigate, curate, create, schedule, track, manage and grow your brand, with you, through the comedy community. We're here to work with you to attract, nurture, engage, influence and retain your audience:

  • SEO

  • Copywriting and Placement

  • Social Media Content, Strategy and Tracking

  • Traditional Media Strategy and PR

  • Curated Posts

  • Live Event Marketing/Branding and Activations

  • Content and Web Design

  • Digital Scheduling and Social Media/Online Monitoring

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Content Marketing/Product Placement

  • Special Event Production

  • Tour Marketing


We are all unashamedly snowflakes - our campaigns are designed with clients individually, with your needs and objectives in mind. Chat with us!











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