I'm A Start-Up! - Five Reasons Marketing in Comedy Can Work for You

May 10, 2018


You don't need to be a multi-national, boehmoth brand to take advantage of marketing opportunities. We know marketing is a vital business function, whether you're a billion dollar company, or a one man/woman outfit working out of your parent's garage (Steve Jobs, anyone?). There are plenty of strategies you can use to get your name out, it's about truly connecting with your intended audience.


At first glance, marketing with a local comedy show may seem, limited. Showroom sizes are 350 people at most (many are much smaller);


Ever considered sponsoring a local comedy show? Here' are five reasons it can work for you...


1. The Local Fan Effect: Are you local? Then you have 350 potential new customers to target, right in front of you. You can engage, directly with people who can become new fans. A marketing opportunity that affords you the right to hand out your own materials, or samples, or invite people to your business can increase your visibility instantly. And because you're so good at what you do, these new fans tell their friends, who also become new fans. 


2. The Social Media Bump: Comedy shows - particularly in crowded markets like L.A and New York - are heavily promoted and the comedians on line ups need to have strong social media followings. Partnering with a local show not only gives you social media impressions each time the show posts to promote, but each time the venue re-posts and each time each comedian re-posts. Shows with high-profile comics at established venues can automatically take your impressions in to the millions, with only a small initial investment.


3. Engagement > Reach: I know we just spoke about impressions, but in the context of ROI. Engagement is where it's at, friends. Comedy fans are passionate; they love who they love, and support who they love. Insert YOUR BRAND here. Comedians and comedy shows may not be traditionally what comes to mind when we think "influencer", but they are because their fans engage with them. They may not have a Kardashian's reach, but they have influence all the same.


4. Clear the Clutter: Since the inception of digital marketing, many eons ago (like, five years, OK!), brands have been targeting the same people - the heavily curated social media account with millions of followers (and millions of bots). Brand have yet to move in to this market. It's an active market (like, really active) with far less clutter. A blank canvas so your brand can stand out.


5. Authenticity: Not just a tired buzzword, friends. Comedy is raw and a really untapped audience. The appeal of comedy is its vulnerability, so it's players are always connecting with their audience in a really authentic way, allowing your brand to benefit from the trust and engagement they have already built.


Comedy is experiencing a boom, without a doubt. Never has there been so much opportunity to showcase your brand in this market. Connect with us (confidentially and with no obligation) to find out how to take your brand to the next level.



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