Power in Comedy - Booking Women on the Road

August 29, 2018

It was inevitable. It happened.


Louis C.K made his first appearance on stage since admitting to sexually assaulting women for years.


The internet is divided; has he atoned for his sins? Can he ever?


There are a lot of people on the fence - "he's a great comic, not sure if he's paid his penance, maybe the audience should decide".


Wherever you sit, this isn't about that. There are plenty of places to vent your anger/show your support.


This entire incident has helped to highlight the power discrepancy in comedy - both on stage and off. There are some badass women in this business. There are women doing awesome things. Women, however, are still under-represented - especially on the club circuit. Potentially, there are many reasons for this. Are women inherently less self-promotional than men? Are women less likely to have an agent pushing for them? We could discuss it for days.


Question is: how do we change it?


There is no quick fix. It's going to take time. We want to do something to help to bridge the gap. We want to help the awesome women who can and who want to work club weeks connect with the bookers who make it happen. 


Introducing... The SHEquality Project.




How it works: Register your details here. We will connect with club bookers to let them know there is a pool of talented women available at different levels. 


Bookers have a really tough job. It really is an art. With this project, we hope to make it easier for women to be seen and booked in this business.


Ladies - get involved! Share with your comedian friends and lets balance the scales.


Please note: we are not an agency (as such, this won't cost you 10% of your fee should you be booked). Participating is not a guarantee of future work. What we are committed to is changing the conversation and providing bookers with a resource to help them make decisions regarding booking female comedians who suit their clubs. Please update your details if anything changes. Please don't indicate you're ready for a particular position if you're not - integrity of this information is key for all involved. Your details WILL be shared with comedy club owners and bookers - please do not submit if you do not want your information shared.



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